Nomad Safaris has a strong commitment to the environment and takes active steps to minimise the impact of our operations on both the local and global environment. The commitment to the environment at Nomad Safaris has been recognised by being Qualmark Enviro Gold endorsed, winning the Sustainable Business Network Trailblazer Award 2008 and winner of New Zealand Tourism Awards in 2004 and 2006.

Each member of staff is trained in eco-friendly driving techniques that minimise fuel consumption and the impact the vehicles have on the local environment. They are also made aware of energy conservation, waste minimisation, sustainability and environmental emergency reaction procedures.

Nomad Safaris also undertakes a range of environmental projects and actively encourages members of the public to participate. Contact us for information on the next environmental day.

Wilding Tree Control
Settlers introduced exotic plants and invasive weeds into New Zealand and did not realise the impact this would have on our native species, ecosystems and conservation lands. Wilding pines are one of the most aggressive of these exotic species. Wilding trees not only affect the visual nature of the environment, but also the native plant and animal communities and impact soil composition and acidity and water yields. Nomad Safaris organises regular volunteer days during the summer months to clear large areas of these trees.

Rubbish Collecting Days
Macetown is an area of outstanding beauty that attracts many visitors every year, often resulting in litter being left behind. As Nomad Safaris is one of the regular users of the Macetown track we organise rubbish collection days with staff and volunteers, keeping this wild landscape pristine for future visitors.