Queenstown adventures by 4WD

Journey into the heart of Middle-earth and into the heart of Queenstown with Nomad Safaris.


This is no ordinary scenic tour… 

This is 4WD adventure with professionals.
This is local knowledge and expert off-roading.
This is personalised commentary.  No microphones. No coaches. No crowds
This is access to Queenstown’s best scenery.
This is 25 years experience of 4WD tours.

Queenstown’s most adventurous scenic tour

Travel off-road in a high performance 4WD vehicle with a maximum of 6 people on each trip.  We take you beyond the crowds.  We take you to off-road Lord of The Rings film locations.  We take you into the heart of Queenstown’s goldmining heritage.  With endless stories and knowledge to share, this tour is tailored for you.

Accessing Queenstown’s film locations and breathtaking scenery is better with a 4WD and a knowledgeable guide.

Want to drive yourself?  Check out our Quad Bike trips and Self Drive 4WD Experience.

Nomad Safaris is one of New Zealand’s original and most popular Lord of The Rings tour companies.  We’re as passionate about Tolkien as you are.  Check out our Safari of The Scenes film location tours.

Not sure what adventure you want to do in Queenstown?  Nomad Safaris has all options covered.

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Explore Central Otago's epic landscape

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Journey into Middle-earth

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Hands-on adventure high above Queenstown

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Jet boating, heli flights and more

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